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Jun 21

Written by: Stephenie
Monday, June 21, 2010 

We don't care where it is you like to go, as long as YouGo!

Stephenie and Tony Pang - the HCA story

I'm Sea Diva Stephenie - Lobster Tony's wife. Tony and I love to get in the water and meet marine life face to face in Hawaii - when the sun's up high and when the stars come out at night. The Pacific Ocean is amazing, and camping is one of the ways we love to share in it's beautiful, natural surrounding. We love this experience so much we decided to start a company that would give other people a chance to do what we love to do.

Tony has over 20 years of experience freediving on the Hawaiian islands, and has some "killer spots" he loves to take his warrior campers to for some push the limits experiences. I'm more of a Leisure Camp kind of girl. You know - stay at camp, lounge in my chair, watch the waves under a big umbrella and decide if the water is good enough to do a day snorkel. Read a chapter or two from the book I started on the air plane. And then later, when Tony wants to go hunt for lobster, I like to see mantas and octopus, so WeGo.

Don't get me wrong, I love to live it up! Just not at a hotel. Camping is so much fun and about the same amount of effort as renting a condo, and I've come to love being outdoors - you know, no shared walls, loud hallway noises, elevators opening and closing all night, and over-priced restaurants. Camp fires, waves in my ears as I go to sleep, a cushy cot, what more could a girl ask for? And, I can get right in the water — whenever I want.

We'd love to here where you love to go and your adventure stories. So if you have an amazing ocean encounter, we'd love to hear it.

Or maybe your adventure story wasn't in the water, you had another type of wildlife encounter that made you think twice, or was so exciting that no one will believe you.

Whatever had your heart pumping like crazy - that's the story everyone wants to hear. Here's your chance to tell it.


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